Happy Birthday to Me

It turned out today is my birthday today.

I didn’t realize it is already October 18, well, Beijing time.

It is the first birthday spanning on both sides of the Ocean. Although I haven’t enter Oct 18 at this side of the Pacific, when I am there, the day will end.

PS. Based on the boarding information I have, when I arrive at PVG, I will conveniently skip the day and will be 2 am the second day.

Anyway, as always, I am always delighted to say Happy Birthday to myself first.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy birthday. One of your facebook friends, grobinson (Robin) has the same birthday, but since he is in Massachusetts (until the end of the week when we will be in Shanghai) it hasn’t happened yet. Is that a kind of paradox–when your birthday is on the same day as another person’s, but not at the same time?

  2. Happy belated Birthday… I was directed to your blog by a fellow friend George Cox. He and I work for the same company. My birthday is the same and I spent it in Shanghai. Had I checked out your blog earlier, maybe we could have celibrated together. I have been in Shanghai since 14Oct and will head back to the US on the 14th of Nov.

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