Running on G15

Wendy is driving.

Yifan is sleeping.

The car is running on the long north to south national expressway G15 (a.k.a Shenyang-Haikou Expressway).

Inspired by the 2200 km travel across the western US, the family drove to Qingdao and back during the holiday.

The G15 is generally empty with just one or two cars ahead in sight for many sections except in Shanghai.

Car traveling is a feasible option for Chinese now.

3 thoughts on “Running on G15

  1. …for you rich people who make up only a few percent of Chinese population… guess why the highway was empty “except in Shanghai”!

  2. i hope in 5-8 years most urban families will be able to afford to have American-style vacations families drive to national parks and camping; meantime the nice highways will be empty, the cheap materials will break down and rot

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