8 thoughts on “Days Like This

  1. To be frank, today is actually the best time ever in China’s 5000 year history. China is at its peak moment. Next couple of decades will not likely see such best moment. In fact, China is on its peak and heading down to a multi-decades of slow growth and worse, potential instability. My point is, your child may not see better times you are seeing today when he grows up in 20 years. Enjoy good times today. The next peak will probably come in the mid century, 2040 to 2050 period, of course, after a troublesome intermediate period.

  2. From a cyclic point of view, when history suffers for too long, it will correct to the opposite side violently. China had suffered painfully more than 200 years before the current revival. It can partially explained last 30 years glorious boom. However, when the boom overdoes or over-extends itself, it can correct to the opposite side for an intermediate period. I believe China today is right at the crux of the boom. From historical precedences we often see, a boom tends to over extend and fizzles into a counter trend correction, which would be the next 20 years period. We don’t yet know how extensive the correction would be. From an optimistic view, China will re-emerge from the correction and make new progress after 2030 and onward.

    My point is, life tends to be cyclic, too is fortune.

  3. No, it will be much better. It will be more truthful and I as an ABC need a stronger China. I am already happier than I was before because of a more accessible and more vocal China even though I am an American. I need China to be visible, for an echo of my ancestry to be vibrant. It makes me more comfortable to be alive. Your son feel more embraced and more belonging to the world than I ever have in the past.

  4. China suffers from what I call a “moral vacuum”, it is a large, diverse, and morally corrupt society right now. If we look at it from this pessimistic angle, China will be spiraling down a path leading to a dystopian existence. On the plus side, there’s some hope. People with integrity and sense of righteousness like Jianshuo here.

    Politically, China will always be an Oligarchy. It always has been ruled by an elitist group of inter-connected “buddies” and mobsters and this tradition will continue forever. Premier Wen once said during a CNN interview (cannot be seen inside China of course) that he sees a democratic China at some point in the future. He is an idealist on that point I think. Nothing will break the Chinese characteristic of an elitist ruling class. Not even our “beloved Chairman Mao” could do it!

    But for now, I am happy to be making my millions, screw the other guy standing on the pile of s**t!

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