My Friends in Singapore

Here are some nice group photo.

A nice working lunch with faculty and students from School of Computer, National University of Singapore.

After the talk to students.

Meeting with NUS Entrepreneur Alumni at Soc, NUS

Meeting with MDA.

Below is the time of the lecture:

5 thoughts on “My Friends in Singapore

  1. I assume in Singapore, people value the Chinese courtesy. It is courtesy to the host, and other people to leave the middle space to others, and take the far most position. Similar things are like when people propose a toast, and the glasses touches each other, everyone try to be lower than the other glass to show courtesy…. I am just trying to do that all the time. Ming liang was not able to go there this time.

  2. What was the topic of your talk at NUS? Good to see one of lecture halls I spent some time in recently :)

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