Beijing Traffic Jam on Wide Roads

Check out how wide the road of Beijing is, and how terrible the traffic jam of today. Thanks to lee who posted this to the Internet:

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Yes. Beijing has a problem in transportation now.

Update and Correction

People sent me message and tell me it is not like Beijing. At a closer look, I believe so. Sorry for posting confusing message, and it is the time to re-enforce my rule on this blog: only post something I personally see.

22 thoughts on “Beijing Traffic Jam on Wide Roads

  1. Given the way that the Chinese tend to tailgate, and push/pull/shove between lanes when the traffic is moving slowly…

    I would hazard a guess that this is not really a ‘jam’ – it is more like normal, free-flowing traffic… just a hell of a lot of it :-)

  2. Holy Moses!! This can’t be real, can it?? I counted. There’re 10 lanes in each direction. I’ve heard of how bad the traffic jams are in BJ, but I didn’t realize it can be so horrific. I thought Shanghai’s traffic is bad enough, but BJ definitely dwarfs SH in this respect.

  3. The advance in technology does not mean improvement in the way of life. This scene is definitely a man made problem. An artificial problem!

  4. Photo clearly has been altered (Photoshop or other). A close look of the traffic in the right lanes shows that the 5 lanes have been doubled to 10. For example, there is what appears to be a two-tone pickup truck in the far left lane, opposite a large white truck on the inside lane coming the opposite direction. The same pickup truck can be seen 5 lanes to the right. Right in the center of the photo there are 3 larger white vehicles heading away from the photographer in the 4th lane from the left. Identical vehicles are found 5 lanes to the right. Clearly fake photo.

  5. it looks like the area next to the Getty Center on the 405 freeway. the two tunnel looking things on the left and the ramp leading away from it looks like the tram system that they have. and its definitely been photoshopped. not just the duplicate cars, but if you look at the top, there seems to be two of the (same) road signs… and it’d be a terrible idea to have a giant pole in the middle of the lanes… just sayin.

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