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I was impressed by the efficiency of Singapore government. They issued an e-visa the second day after I submitted the application, although the standard processing time is 3 days – an example of “under promising, over delivering”.

The e-visa is just a printed paper (just needed for airlines to check-in). The real visa is in the computer system, and will be validated with my passport.

The visa fee is 153 RMB (30 S’$). It is valid of two years, and multi-entry.

Good. I am happy that I can visit Singapore at any time. If there is cheaper airline ticket, that will be better.

If you are interested in the event I am going to participate, check here. Thanks for the kind sponsorship from the School of Computing of National University of Singapore for the trip.

This will be my second trip to Singapore, with the first one about 10 years ago.

14 thoughts on “Singapore e-Visa

  1. Good, as soon as you arrive in Singapore, you will be impressed by this country, so clean, so efficient, so peaceful… No wonder Jim Rogers and Jet Li among many many other celebrities choose to live there. In their mind, education for their children is probably the number one factor.

  2. I heard that IDEO helped the Singaporean Government overhaul their entire immigration process, not sure if/how this affected their visa process (or if that information was accurate) but I wouldn’t be surprised …. IDEO tends to rock

  3. I am glad China is progressively entering the free world. just consider a visa application between US and EU.

  4. I recently had a very mad experience with Canada. I bought a ticket on Air Canada flight for a friend who already got US Visa to come to the states. Air Canada flies from HK to US via Vancouver stoping for about an hour and half. They wouldn’t let him get on board at HK airport because he didn’t have visa for Canada… even though he is not going to go into Canada. I had to find a flight for him at 3am so he could get on the next flight that come to US directly.

    Then, I leaned later that if you take Air China, Cathy Pacific, Singaporean Airline, and one other airline, then you don’t need a visa to travel through Canada to US!

  5. If you are a Chinese passport holder, and have a Schengen visa for EU, and a flight connecting in UK, you need a transit visa. Even though you are not getting out of the airport. We had a similar experience as GN did and had to get a flight that didn’t go through UK.

  6. jianshuo, one of your co-speaker jiang ming liang in this NUS event is my ex-universitymate. Haven’t met him in shanghai, (just like haven’t got chance to met you yet), but I am happy to know both of you are doing so well in shanghai from the biodata.

  7. Not only the Visit Visa…

    The employment pass is also generated in 3 days maximum.

    This is really an example to western countries where they take helluva time to get the work permit even though actual process take 5 days.

  8. I’m a big fan of you! I get to know you from this blog. Really impressed by your life experience, your thoughts on Chinese internet industry, and your personality as an entrepreneurs. Already registered for your talk in NUS. I’m currently a student here in S’pore. Look forward to meeting you soon!

  9. Any foreigner may apply for an Employment Pass to be employed or to do business in Singapore if he fulfils the eligibility criteria. For details please see the MOM Homepage or the Contact Singapore Homepage.

    An Employment Pass holder may apply for Dependant’s Passes for his wife and unmarried children under 21 years of age.

    The ICA Homepage has a list of foreigners who are required to apply for Professional Visit Passes.

    The EntrePass is an Employment Pass for foreign entrepreneurs who would like to start businesses in Singapore. Information on eligibility and the passes for family members can be found in these sections.

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  10. People dream of going places they have never thought can come true. . As soon as you arrive in Singapore, you will be impressed by this country. The e-pass is an Employment Pass for foreign entrepreneurs who would like to start businesses in Singapore.

  11. My mother in low have e-visa in Singapore is expired o 28 nov 2011. She is now in Singapore.she want to live up to December.What is the procedure for to extend e-visa?

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