Shall I Sign for Measles Vaccine

Yifan got a letter to parent from kindergarten. It is about a sudden action to inject Measles Vaccine for the upcoming nationwide measles immunization campaign. That was a big shock to me.

Only after I got the letter that I realized that it is not just for Yifan. Parents of more than 100 million children in China received the same letter, and the deadline for signing the letter is just tomorrow. There are about 3 days for us to decide whether to accept it.

I was very shocked that a campaign involving 1/60 people on this plant, and all of them are just between 8 months, to 4 years old, just come out so quickly, and quietly, and the deadline is just tomorrow. That of caused caused panic among parents. All kinds of rumor started to spread like wild fire in the parent community, suggesting not to sign it.

This happens at the background that people’s trust in the health system has maybe reached to the lowest point in history. The poison milk, the AIDS infection from injection, and recent early-mature of kids… We don’t have much confidence that it is safe to inject anything the government requires. Ironically, my panic does not stop when the spokesman from Beijing claimed it is absolutely safe – the memory of “There is absolutely no SARS” was just 7 years ago.

What decision shall I make for Yifan?

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  1. If it’s just Measles vaccine, it should be safe. There is no reason for the central government to inject an unsafe vaccine into most children. If this decision came from central government and it’s a nationwide campaign, I think it’s less risky to follow it rather than to deny it. Just my personal opinion.

    Of course, in today’s world, no one can guarantee absolute safety, even if it’s from the government. One can only choose to take a less risky move.

  2. My son got this type of vaccines too in France. Every child gets it in France since years.

    Chinese gov has never understood the art and the importance of communication ; why run a such big campaign without according explicative communication campaign ?? I’m wondering when and whether they will get mature…

  3. I don’t really know what to suggest.

    Trust your instinct and go by it.

    Everything should be ok.

    – Balaji

  4. OK, here’s what I have learned (we got the same letter.)

    First, the measles vaccine is already on the list of commonly given vaccines in China. (You should be able to check Yifan’s records to see whether he has already gotten it.) Our son already got two doses, one at 8 months and one at 1.5 years.

    However, in the US the standard is that both doses should be after 12 months. (The first dose confers 90% immunity; the second dose 99% immunity.) So perhaps the nationwide campaign is because immunizations were being given too early? Seems like a bit of an overreaction, and if that’s the reason why not just say so?

    Given the fact that our son already received two doses, we are not signing up for this one. My advice would be to see if Yifan has already been immunized, then make your decision accordingly.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Is measles common in China, and would it be difficult to get the vaccines later? If Yifan hasn’t already been immunized as ddjiii said, perhaps you could wait a few months or a year, and get them later from a provider you trust.

  6. Our son is 9, and got the same latter at his school.

    As it is not in the scheduled list of immunisations, and he has already received his two shots, we also said no.

  7. I said no in part because of the arrogance that the government has shown in such kind of behavior. All most all the kids already got the vaccine but on a different schedule and there is no explanation about what’s wrong with the original schedule and why we need the new additional one. I’ve also heard officials telling people “don’t worry. It is absolutely safe. Even if something happens we’ve got compensation money ready”. Such kind of 250 attitude angers me..

  8. In Australia it is compulsory for all children to have the measles mumps and rubella vaccine before they start school. Both my kids have had it.

  9. Refuse it. because both the motive and resource of the vaccine are doubtable. According to the Ministry of Health, only 39 people died from the virus. Thus I think it not necessary to accept the immunization. I suggest you wait and see, then make your final decision.

  10. No. After repeated health scandals, I don’t trust the communist regime any more. You may bring your boy with you in your next trip to Hong Kong or Taiwan or Japan or the US. It’s easy to get vaccines anywhere, but not in mainland China.

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