Lake Tahoe Photo of Me (Some kind of)

Rick posted it on Sina Microblog about this photo. It is a late afternoon near the Lake Tahoe this March. If you watch this photo close enough, you will find the person at the lake is actually me.

photograph by Rick Zhuang

Thanks Rick!

Obviously, Rick has some nicer pictures of the same place without me breaking the beauty of the nature. Good photographer!

photograph by Rick Zhuang

photograph by Rick Zhuang

Now I have visited two of the most famous ski town in US, Tahoe in CA, and Aspen in CO. What are the others? Mt Rainer in WA?

5 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Photo of Me (Some kind of)

  1. Mt.Hood in Oregon (near Portland), Mammoth Village in California (not far from Tahoe), Sun Valley in Idaho, Taos in New Mexico, Jackson Hole in Wyoming, and Vail in Colorado (between Aspen and Denver) are a few places known for skiing in the western US.

    I like your blog. I’ve spent time in Shanghai working for my company who has several factories around the city!

  2. @Alan, Tahoe is just at the border of California, and Nevada. Actually the border split the lake into two parts. During my trip, I enjoyed the ski, and the lake, but the pity is, I didn’t visit Nevada at that time.

    @Pat, thanks for sharing the places.

  3. well, the winter olympics that just ended earlier this year was held in whistler, brisitish columbia, which is famous too, but of course, that’s not the US, it’s somewhere else in north america, canada.

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