Leaving for Aspen

I am leaving Los Angeles airport for Aspen, Colorado.

A small aircraft, flying to a small town, from a very big city, and a noisy world.


Arrived at Aspen, CO. What a small but decent airport. It IS a very nice town. On the whole way from LAX to ASE, I was thinking about the difference between places – the warm and green west coast, the desert like Arizona, and Nevada, and finally the green and beautiful Coloroda again. Why is that?

2 thoughts on “Leaving for Aspen

  1. You should have a wonderful time in Aspen. I have a relative out at Copper Mountain, Colorado going to snowboarding camp there. Yes, snowboarding in the summer with the help of artificial snow made by a machine. Maybe you can try some snowboarding while you are in Aspen.

  2. Thanks Shrek7. Aspen IS a great place – a nice town with wonderful mountains. I just arrived. The better part of the Fortune conference. I just learnt don’t ask people “what you do in your company”. Most answers are founder or CEO.

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