Semi-Erotic Ballet in Argentina Pavilion

This is the third time I visit the Expo site. I don’t enjoy waiting in the long line for hours (up to 4 hours) under strong sun light, I choose some less popular pavilions to get start. My first visit happened to be Argentina Pavilion.

During the noon time, the theater was showing a ballet film. I don’t know the name, but something very strange happened. The film is semi-erotic, and semi-violent at least so with the Chinese standard. The story is a love story, and the 5 minutes long show is about two dancers (man and woman) half naked and artistically show the “love”, before they were shown completely naked in the bed…

It is pure artistic, and I have no problem with it. But that caused big problem to the audience. Obviously they didn’t expect how many children coming with their parents. The boy on the left side was forced to “sleep” on his mother’s lap, and the face of the girl three rows behind me was hidden behind big balloon by her mother. Other parents just brought their children strictly out of the theater.

For the older people, it is even a big problem. Most of them are very unease – they are more confused than interested. You know, it is awkward situation in that pavilion.

When the government takes care of its citizen too well, and protect all the adults as they were still 10 years old, film like this will never appear in this land, but Expo is a window for people to sniff the “outside” stuff. That is the key conflicts people encounter in many sites in expo.

Well… There are many other pavilions, but I just felt this scene to be the most funny.

7 thoughts on “Semi-Erotic Ballet in Argentina Pavilion

  1. It seems you had your first “tango” experience. There are even more sensual dances in southamerica, but I don’t think in Brazil pavilion they are showing lambada ;-)

  2. Was it tango? I guess it was and that explains the sexy dance, even tough i concurr there should be a sign or something preventing people hehe

  3. For the older people, it is even a big problem. Most of them are very unease – they are more confused than interested. You know, it is awkward situation in that pavilion….

    really nice sharing thanks admin!!

  4. also I don’t like to spend too much time on outside of any pavilion. but if i were in Argentina Pavilion, I will enjoy this film i think! maybe the different culture betwen countries, so it takes different action for different age people, It’s very common especially in china. move to me, I’d like to share this pure artistic with my other friends as more as possible. definitely, I will visit the Argentina pavilion in my second visit the EXPO site. thanks a lot for you sharing!

  5. hi wang! i heard there are ways on how to enter pavilions in the expo grounds faster by collecting stamps in UBPA. e.g. 15 stamps in 1 day in UBPA to enter china pavilion. are these still effective until the end of october? we have bought tickets for 27th to 31st of october & we want to enter as many pavilions as possible. do you know the tips how to enter pavilions like saudi arabia, japan, switzerland, china & oil pavilion?

  6. have you been to houtan park? can i enter the expo grounds using houtan station on line 7? and do i have to pass through houtan park first before i can enter the expo grounds?

  7. have you been to houtan park? this park was awarded the ASLA award this year. ASLA stands for american society of landscape architects and this means this houtan park project should be really good to be able to get this award. it is a regenerative living landscape on shanghai’s huangpu riverfront. if i take line 7 & get off at houtan station, do i need to walk through houtan park before entering the expo grounds?

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