Gary Wang’s Speech

Just read Gary’s speech on GroupM Asia. Very inspirational, and well written. You should read it.

Like all explorers before, there are plenty of things in the world to concern us and tie us down: money, relationships, families, values, customs, rules and regulations, but since we are here in this pale world to paint some colorful colors, to explore, to create new things, to inevitably break up things, to push the boundaries, and since surely we will get old and get mature and settled down, become one day the establishment to be broken up by the newer generation, and become the dead old man, I know the boundaries will eventually catch up and get me. But when they do get me, I hope to have traveled more distances, and have had a lot of fun.

More is here:

3 thoughts on “Gary Wang’s Speech

  1. This is so true. As I prepare to embark on a new adventure in Shanghai after 20 years in New York. Will paint the town red. (or pink or chartreuse).

  2. what happened to wjs? can anyone enlighten me? it’s not like him to be off for so long and not leaving a comment somewhere about the reason.

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