OOB for Few Days

Recently, I am busy working on recruiting – getting the best people possible for the Baixing team. Chinese Job Posting is here. It takes quite some time, so, I am going to be OOB (Out of Blogging) for few days to concentrate to the most important job I have. If you happen to be willing to work at Baixing (formally Kijiji China), you are very welcome to send your resume this way. We have exciting positions for Software Engineer, Architect, Marketing Manager, and PR Manager here. The quicker I can fill these positions, I sooner I can get back to normal posting schedule on this blog. :-) We are open to talents across the whole China, and will also be interested in people from other part of this world.

2 thoughts on “OOB for Few Days

  1. Wow! Geat opportunities ! I’m considering having a try.I’m interested in the position of CEO行政助理, and I think it will be challenging for me. Will your company accept someone who has not got the experience in this field in her previous career?

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