Shanghai Expo Opens

Expo finally opens.

The opening ceremony is exteremely disappointing. I didn’t have any exception for it, but I was still surprised. It is really boring.

The fireworks is outside my window. The CCTV broadcast is on my TV. There IS several seconds of delay from what I see outside my window and what I see on TV.

9 thoughts on “Shanghai Expo Opens

  1. I watch a little. Actually, I was busy recently and would be an out-man :) Anyway, welcome everyone to Shanghai.

  2. if i visit shanghai at the end of october to witness the closing ceremonies, where should i stay to watch the closing ceremonies? isn’t it the ceremonies are not open to the public?

  3. I’m going to Shanghai for a few days — oddly, nothing to do with the Expo, just a coincidence of timing.

    If I want to go, can I just pop in for a few hours? Or is it the kind of thing where you have to book tickets far in advance or wait in line for hours?

  4. In watching this extravaganza and government-sanctioned nationwide binge, I have to say once this chinese balloon bursts, it will cause a humungous havoc to the human race the history has never witnessed.

    How much money has Greece (in actual bankruptcy today) borrowed and spent in staging that 2004 spectacular Olympics? The seed of self-destruction was already sowed back then.

  5. @rod, not sure if you can get the closing ceremony’s ticket. I don’t know anyway to get the opening ceremony’s ticket yet. It is at least not commercial consideration about who can come, although it is really not that interesting to watch.

  6. I saw a picture of the opening… the light text of “brother who”. It was funny. I am not sure what the message it was trying to send… seems to me that the gov. (the city gov. maybe) is trying too hard to be cool… it just doesn’t feel natural.

  7. When the live broadcast was going on, what having recently happened in China seemed to be tucked away in the opening stadium full of cheering. The first of May came with the midnight pasting. International Labor Day belongs to the world’s people. Expo and May Day both are two big events in China. I don’t wonder if Expo can make most of common foreigners very excited except May Day when watching TV. Anyway I have hardly felt excited so far. It is a little exciting for me to do a good job and make a bit progress in everyday life. I don’t also know whether the ordinary Chinese outside the occasion were really in high spirits or went to rapture. Nevertheless, if I was on the scene, I could be very excited. If I ……

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