Nissan Teana 2.5 XL

I started to drive the new white Nisson Teana. We still haven’t given it a name yet, but will surely do that in few days. Here are some initial thoughts

Bigger Car is Not Necessarily Better than Small One

For the first time, I realized that bigger car is not as convenient as small car, especially in crowded city like Shanghai. I picked up my feeling of a new driver again – on the elevated highway, I started to complain the lanes are too narrow. At parking lots, I have to reverse the car to the narrow place – before, I always dive into the parking lot without even slow down too much – the benefit of a small car.


The Teana CVT’s impact to driving is obvious. When I accelerate, the engine’s speed is always 2800 round/min, and stick there as a constant. That is very different from the 5AT automatic shift, or manual shift.


The V6 engine is very quiet. That also brings a problem. Wendy forgot to turn on the engine for several times. There are not very good ways to identify whether the engine is on or off without look at the big orange Start button. It is too quiet.

Keys Always in Pocket

My favorite part of the design is, you never need to bring the key out of your pocket.

When you go near the car, the car is automatically unlocked, and you can press a small button in the handle to open the car. Then you just need to press the big orange start button to start the engine, and you are on the road.

At the destination, you just left the car. If you are 85cm away from the car, it is locked automatically, and the front lights are closed. That is a very nice feature. I know myself better than anyone else. I tend to be attracted by small stuff like this than the power of the engine.

Need More Time

There are many great feature that I have not explored yet. I need more time to get used to the new car.

5 thoughts on “Nissan Teana 2.5 XL

  1. The last one attracted me a lot. it sounds very humanized.

    But, you know what, I actually did not except that you will buy a Japanese car…

    OK, hehe, no offense.

    Well, I also believe you got the German or US car…

  2. “Keys Always in Pocket”

    This feature is avaliable in CompactLevel Nisson like Tiida. This is why I chosed Tiida.

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