I Sold Out my Google Nexus One

One month after I bought Google Nexus One (I Should Not Open Nexus One at Night), I finally sold it out in Baixing.com Second-hand Phone category at a little bit lower price than I bought. If I had sold it the first day when I am got it, I can make a decent profit out of it, but the price of the new phone dropped from 6% higher than US to relative the same price in the last month.

I never wrote a serious review of this phone. My summary is: a full function phone that does not work.

Full Function

This phone has all the interesting input features that a phone should have – GPS, a magnetic sensor to report south and north, a nice high resolution camera, multi-touch touch screen, and all type of motion sensors.

The hardware and the Android platform support many great applications from the Google Android market place. I downloaded many of them. Among the applications, the most used are

  • Twidroid
  • Google Maps
  • Google Mail
  • Google Reader/Buzz

Most of the functions are also popular in other platform like iPhone, and Nokia.

A Phone that Does not Work

The Nexus One gives me similar impression as a Dell with Microsoft Windows – an ecosystem that many application run, but crashes from time to time, and can be slow.

  • It hangs from time to time (maybe because I installed too many applications)
  • Application crashes often, or stop responding
  • The ring tone is really bad – not bearable to use speaker
  • Touch screen frequently do not work

There are more than that. To be fair, it is a nice phone, but does not justify the price. I decided to get rid of it when it still sells a good price, and switch to others.

The Transaction

I listed the phone on Baixing.com and was called immediately by a man. It turned out he is a dealer, and since he is the first person to call, I met him at the Xujiahui Metro station. I gave him the phone and he gave me the cash. Deal done. When we conducted the transaction, some called to offer higher price, but it was too late.

Giving up my Stuff

The modern life is life full of different fun toys. We are surrounded by all type of things we buy. After I sold out my phone, I immediately regret. I missed the high-resolution camera, and large screen, and very well integrated GMail client on the phone… I touched my phone pocket three times, and suddenly stopped on the way back, thinking that I may have lost my phone – the feeling of having nothing on the right pocket in my pant is so strange. I spent the next 3 hours without a phone – rare moment in my life. I only have a SIM card in my wallet.

Besides that uncomfortable feeling, another feeling is refreshing. I felt my life is lighter, and I am fresher than before. We have to sadly accept the fact that we are going to lose everything around us in 100 years. To try to start to sell our stuff help to keep us in a mood of losing our favorite stuff, and that can help us to appreciate what we already have (but not lost yet) much more. I sold out many stuff many months ago (Chinese blog), and will continue to sell it on Baixing. That is not just about money back, it is more of a philosophy of living lightly, happily, and wisely.

2 thoughts on “I Sold Out my Google Nexus One

  1. Isn’t that a nice feeling that you can sell off to the next guy something you feel that doesn’t work at a minimal price down, or in your case even possibly a small profit? In the US, you simply just returned something you are not satisfied with to the seller for a full refund.

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