More Hongqiao Airport T2 Photos

I took the photo of T2 two weeks ago. Let me share the rest of the photos in this blog.

Below is the arrival hall of Hongqiao Airport T2. It is hard to distinguish it from the arrival hall of Pudong Airport T1, and T2. The three halls are very like each other.

In my memory, this is the few decorations I found in the four airport terminals in Shanghai – the paper airplane on the top of the pole.

The new display board of flight departure information.

The path from the Hongqiao East Transportation Building (metro and taxi!) to the check-in counter.

For a list of airlines in this airport, check this table:

This is the diagram of the airport:

Bund Re-opened

The biggest local news in Shanghai today is, the new Bund re-opened. There are two part of it. The first part is the new Bund Tunnel – they put all the through traffic into the two-layered tunnel. The other part is the new Bund – they renovated the whole area in the last two years.

I haven’t visited the area yet. Will find time to be there to take some photos to share with my readers.

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