Global Village

This morning, I am very happy to host two talented students – Chengyi from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Echo from Stanford University. It brought me back to the days when we, as a company and as a person, had strong connection with universities.

Internship Cross Borders

Regarding the summer internship program we had been for five years, we just realized that we can accept both students from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and from Stanford – 6000 miles, and 8 time zone away.

With Shanghai getting hotter, and ops, high living cost, the two places are less different. The two community started to interlace with each other.

Stanford GMIX Program

For the third year, we are accepting application from Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA program for a four week summer project. That program is called GMIX in Stanford (Global Management Immersion Experience). We had very talented students (well, one of them are not that “student”. He worked for famous consulting firms for years) in the past, and expecting to meet great persons this year. (Hey! My dear readers in Stanford MBA, and my friends there, help me to spread the message, and check out the project posting in April!)

Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time

Next Monday, I will have a phone call with Berlin, Germany. I was told that they are going to advance the clock one hour this weekend. No one wants to calculate the exact time to call.

Then I did some research and have this simple rule:

Berlin is GMT+1.

In DST time, it is at GMT+2 (advance one hour = follow the timezone east of them).

Shanghai is still GMT+8 (China abandoned DST years ago, and never change clock)

The new gap will be 6 hours.

That means, 9 AM in Berlin = 09 + 06 = 15:00 in Shanghai.

Hope my calculate is right.

Global Landscape

Friends, and travel are two vehicles to help us get global landscape. Without visiting a place or having a friend in certain part of the world, it is harder to setup that connection with certain type of world. If we have either of that, that personal tie makes us not afraid of things there.

So my personal goal – travel more and making more friends – the diversity of friends actually matters to help.

4 thoughts on “Global Village

  1. Totally agreed,

    didn’t know you took some MBA interns. What are you up to CEIBS ?

    Daylight Saving Time

    I live in Paris not Berlin but we share the same timezone. On Sunday at 2 am it’ll be 3 am. So you’re right to say on Monday Berlin 9 am = Shanghai 15:00

    Global landscape

    Friends , travels plus internet (blogs) make us connect more easily to some parts of world.

    My personal goal : travel more, stay at friends place to know how the locals live.

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