The New Home of Google in China

After the Google official announcement of quitting China (not Google China, but, the site), I opened Google China homepage ( It has already been redirected to The interesting sentence on the page reads:

Welcome to the new home of Google search in China

Google is alive and kicking in China.

7 thoughts on “The New Home of Google in China

  1. Yes, but for how long?

    I always search through or and I really do not want China to block the complete sites!

  2. They will just block as well, but it will be interesting to see the government blocking a site that operates entirely legally on Chinese soil (Hong Kong). This show what kind of thugs these people are.

  3. you guys shouldn’t be happy too soon, if the central government decides they want to shut down google in China totally, those clowns in Hong Kong government will be too spineless to say anything.

  4. Today is March 25, why could I still open “” in my laptop?

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