Yifan’s Second Day in Kindergarten

Yifan’s second day is not as sweet as the first one.

The day started with Yifan’s cry.

The teacher called in the middle, and told Wendy that Yifan kept crying. He even took the photo of other kid’s mother, and watched for a long time. He gave a big hug to a calendar showing three-person family, and told the teacher that is his mother.

When Wendy picked him up, he sit on the beach, leaning his head to a toy phone. The teacher told Wendy that Yifan has been calling his mom for a long time.

I asked Yifan whether he called mom. He said, “yes. I called, and you see, Mom comes”.

5 thoughts on “Yifan’s Second Day in Kindergarten

  1. Yifan will surely get into terms of his schooling life pretty soon.

    My son used to cry very loud that he gets cough and then vomits.

    But it was for just two days and then he even started consoling the other kids at school to not cry.

    Kids grow up fast

  2. It is indeed difficult to cope with your kids cry in such circumstances, breaks your heart I guess (I can only guess, since I have no kids yet). I remember my first days in kindergarden, it was pretty much the same, then I quickly got used and even fell in love with a boy :). Greetings from Romania, Europe

  3. hang on. he will be fine, either in several days, or several weeks, but he will be fine eventually. parents just need to act “cold-hearted” for some time. it’s very very difficult thing for parents to do, though.

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