Metro Line 7 and 9 Became Full Time

After I am back to Shanghai, the Metro Line #7 became operating in full time – from 5:30 to 22:31. Before, it only operate between 9:00 – 16:00. That means, Metro Line #7 started to operate in real sense. At the same time, Metro Line #9 started similar full time operation. Both intervals are 6 minutes.

Look at this map I shot in a metro station – that is the current metro map.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

On this map, there are many small modifications – the staff used sticker to mark out some stations that are not open yet. Since the stations and even metro lines are going to open in the next few weeks, they didn’t bother to create a new chart. Those segments include the east extension of Metro Line #2 to Pudong Airport, and west extension to the new Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2.

When the metro system started to form a network, the feeling of a metro ride is very different from the time when there are just one line or two. You will encounter an interchange station for every two or three stations. People get off the train and get on the train much more frequently than before – you are not sure whether they get off the train because it is their destination or just transit to another metro line. The capacity of the metro system is also expanded – the bottlenecks are no longer bottlenecks, because of so many “load balance lines” there.

I am very excited to see the change, and enjoy navigating the city by going under it.

4 thoughts on “Metro Line 7 and 9 Became Full Time

  1. changes in Line 2 already took place. Zhangjiang Hi-Tech is no longer the last station. At the moment, Guanglan Lu is the last station.

  2. Jian Shuo Wang, this is great info. I always enjoy your blog.

    Will the extension to Pudong Airport open soon? What does that mean for the maglev, it seems redundant.

    I have a friend who lives by Line 7 near the Middle Ring Road, that will be great to take metro to his place.

    You mentioned that A20 is now called S20. What does that mean? Is it no longer a toll road?

    Also great news that Longyang Road and Yanggao Road are improved. I have been stuck in that jam many times.

    I’ll visit Shanghai in the summer and I’m excited to see the changes!

  3. Yes. I heard it will open in early April. That IS a complete duplication of Maglev, with the only difference – the maglev is faster.

    A20 is just renamed as S20 according to the national naming convension – all local highway will be called S-, instead of the local standard A-

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