Yifan’s Stories

I don’t know why, when I am back, Yifan put all his toys into two big boxes, and asked his mom: “Would you please hide them so dad cannot find it?” What is in his mind to hide his toys from dad?

In the morning, Yifan kept asking me where I want to take his train to go. His stops are his familiar places like Shanghai, Luoyang, Beijing…. I told him, I am going to Rio de Janeiro. Yifan just smiled and cannot follow the difficult city name. Disappointed, he went to mom and ask where mom wanted to go, and mom said: “Amsterdam” – another way too difficult name for him to pronounce. He just know some simple names. Then he asked grandpa, and the answer he got was Buenos Aires…. Yifan was completely confused. Everyone burst into laughter.

1 thought on “Yifan’s Stories

  1. This is a good one. I recently got a baby girl, and I hope we can have equally fun family moments like yours :-)

    BTW, I think Yifan hides the toys so that he can have excuse for you to buy him more toys, or maybe something he randomly comes up.

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