Jet Lag Builds Early Raiser

Jet lag is good thing for me. Whenever in US, or back to Shanghai, jet lag drives me wake up earlier and then I became an early raiser for some days. Thus I have enough time to write more blogs (helping me to get clearer idea about my world, and comprehend the message I got). It is just like an effective “Raise Early” medicine. But the problem is, the effect gets less significant along the day, and I will fade into normal life.

Is there any way to simulate jet lag?


  1. Early riser, maybe, but the flip side is you may fall asleep in early evening. In fact, I just retuned to Shanghai from LA a week ago. Almost every night during the last week, I fell so sleepy by 6 or 7 PM and I had to hit the hay only to wake up the next morning anywhere from 1 to 4 AM. It takes about two weeks for my biological clock to syncronize with the local time. I’m leaving for LA again next Wed. It’ll be interesting to find out how soon I will readjust to biological clock to California time.

  2. Yes. That is the side effect. It is actually good. Can I translate it to this: If you stick to sleep at 7 pm, you are an early raiser?

  3. Go to sleep at 7pm may requires “dispelling”. I always “enjoy” the first day back to the States from China… it is the Extra Day! I am normally a late night person… 2am to 9am sleep time is what I call “normal”. Jet lag never made me a earlier riser… my nephew did. He jumped into my bed before he went to school at 7:30 in the morning after I arrived Shenzhen around the midnight the day before. I could be a little “cloudy” for a few days. What really make me a earlier riser is Microsoft. The meetings with MS teams always start at 7:45am! That’ll do.

  4. Does Microsoft guys started so early? I never had that early meeting in my 7 years in Microsoft with the Redmond team – they tend to ask us to wake up early to have meeting starting at 8:00 AM Shanghai time, instead of having meeting at 9:00 PM Shanghai time.

  5. I’ve been going up there since last Oct… once a month pretty much so far. And every time the meeting started at 7:45am. It could be because that we always had full day sessions… or maybe they are just “mean” to us “visitors”. They (meetings) do get off at 4pm for sure.

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