Reported by New York Times

Update Feburary 24, 2010

Correction: I didn’t realize that International Herald Tribune is a New York Times newspaper. The report is actually physically printed on IHT, not New York Times. On the web, it is on site.

End of update

Maile dropped me an email to let me know that the report she was working is published in New York Times of Feb 24, 2010. You may want to buy a copy of New York Times today – I will do. The title of the report is: Bloggers Open an Internet Window on Shanghai .

Among the report, my favorite part is paragraph mentioning Yifan.

Mining the hundreds of posts he has written over the past eight years, readers can follow Mr. Wang through his apartment moves, on visits to various countries – when he worked for Microsoft he made several trips to the United States – and even watch his son, Yifan, grow from a mere idea to a chubby-cheeked 3-year-old playing with Legos with his dad.

That put smile onto my face, and the part I worried about is about the mention of tips to access Facebook, and Twitter – it is what I wrote but may put this blog to the same situation as Twitter, and Facebook – needing some proxy to access. :-) Anyway, there is nothing wrong stating a fact.

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  1. Nice going Wang Jian Shuo! When I read this article, I remember way back many years ago, I had the exact same situation they described: searching for info in english for the airport, landed me on your site, where there were so many useful informations! Then I didn’t realize you were still blogging after all these years! Congratulations to you on keeping at it, and being one of the “trailblazers” !

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