Learnt What Open House is

When I read classified section on local business (I am surely interested in this newspaper based offline business), I often saw the phrase: “Open House”, but don’t really understand it. Then Amy taught me today that in Silicon Valley, from 3-5 pm every Sunday, people will put open house sign at their house. Potential buyers can wander around their favorite area, and walk into any house with this sign without appointment.

Knowing that, I saw open house signs every few blocks along the Embarcadero road. Yes. There are many of them. What a smart way of selling house.

In this area, I started to rely on Yelp to find restaurants (looking forward to meet up with Jeremy, Yelp’s CEO in their office this week). This lunch, I had lunch at Left Bank with reservation via OpenTable. These are amazing web services. I envision that services like OpenTable will be popular in China in 5 years, but not now, or in 3 years.

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