The Most Beautiful Shoreline

This is the most beautiful shoreline I found out during the Hainan trip. It is at Xiangshui Bay (Perfume Bay) at Lingshui County 陵水县, Wanning 万宁, Hainan. With all my courtesy to other great bays in Hainan, like Yalong Bay, or Shimei Bay, the Xiangshui Bay is the most blue, most pure and most natural bay I saw. Let me share some photos.

Below the construction site of a private residential area. I am wondering why the government turned this this 4.2 km long of beautiful bay to a private land that only few people can enjoy.

I especially love the frog surrounded mountain in the far left. It is called Niuling (Ox Ridge).


  1. Yes, it’s beautiful. But next time when you visit Tahiti, you may change your mind. :-)

  2. I mentioned it is the most beautiful shoreline I personally found out. I haven’t visit the Tahiti yet, which is my dream travel destination.

  3. While your family spending time in Hainan, were there someone looking after Wendy’s tea shop?

  4. The tea shop is self-sustainable. They have store manager to run it, and Wendy don’t need to go there.

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