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From time to time, I receive a newsletter from, in the last 13 years. I remember I subscribed its newsletter in the early days in 1996 – when Hotmail just started, and not bought by Microsoft. At that time, there are just few well known websites for me. I just started to try to use it, and often visit the following sites:,, CERN and – basically any famous name plus a .com or .gov.

13 years past. Most commercial websites was bought and disappeared, like Geocities, but still persistently send newsletter to me. That is the main reason I didn’t unsubscribe from them, although I never really read about it in the last 13 years. It is just a memory of the very early stage of Internet.

The other is I setup a service to monitor in 2002. If the site is not accessible, it will send an email to me. In the last 7 years, I never logged in again, but they still faithfully send alert to me – I received two or three alerts in the last few days when Media Temple experienced technical problems.

My Learning

Although these two companies are not significant in the Internet space, they survived in the last two crisis, and they keep delivering services to its customer. That was very rare in the Internet space. Who knows what Yahoo! look like in another 13 years? Is it still accessible?

P.S. One big thing the next week is to transfer my domain name out of WWW.NET.CN to It is too risky to hosting domain in domestic company.

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  1. JS,

    You might want to consider not to move your domain to because you site might have the high chances of being block and not accessible by local readers. I’ve a website hosted by them and it is not accessible via China’s IP add. The possible reason of being block is your site is share hosting with other using the same IP address. And the other sites might have material that violated the local policies.

    Unless you purchase a dedicated server with a dedicated IP address.

    Hope this information come just in time.

  2. Confused about two concepts: registar and hosting .

    Not a same concept ? My understanding is can provide space to host your content, so NET.CN can generate IP address for your website ?

  3. Good customer service is difficult to come by. Especially on the World Wide Web. It’s great to hear there are at least to sites that still care enough to send their customers (even just the ones on their mailing lists) newsletters or alerts. It’s hard to believe the internet was brand new in the mid to late ’90’s. It’s changed dramatically in just a few years.

  4. I definitely think Yahoo will be around in 13 years. The question is what is it that these 2 websites do which makes them so important that they can survive internet crisis with ease. The other thing to bear in mind is that many sites survived as it was truly only the e-commerce sites with poor foundations to begin with that got knocked around.

  5. I think the trick to being accessible inside China is to have the content hosted at a site that is not blocked by IP or Domain Name inside China. I have registered with a Chinese provider, but they did not facilitate propagation of the Domain Name inside China for the purpose of Domain Name Servers identifying it. Instead they told me to do this at my web server host’s DNS. This is apparently a mistake. Both my .CN and .COM are pointed to the same pages and IP in the USA. Most Chinese cannot access either address. I don’t know if the masters of the Great Firewall in China have blocked the IP address or my domain name. All I know is that unless someone works in government in China or has the workaround proxy software, they can’t get to my pages.

    My guess is more along the lines of the IP address being blacklisted, blocked or redirected at the DNS level and maybe even by the Green Dam software. I think I would not have this problem (since my content is not offensive to the Chinese government) if my pages were actually hosted on a server co-located with other approved sites inside China.

    If there are some workers within the government that look at this kind of censorship as a battle, it is a losing one. The government should redirect its efforts to continue to make China better; to make the life and health of its people better. Censorship is just a waste of precious time and energy. The young net-savvy generation will not enlist to be censors and continue this when you are dead and gone. This is an act of the old guard and an old school mindset. Life is short.

  6. I am transfering my domains form to godaddy too. I’ve submitted the apply and waiting for their approvement.

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