Lego 3001 (Brick 2 x 4)

We started technical days with a great name – Lego Day. Yes. The Lego means the Denmark toy manufacture Lego.

We bought Lego 66284 Build and Play Value Pack that consists of 5573 and 5576.

Among all the bricks, obviously, LEGO 3001 is the star. A simple brick that is manufactured the most, and most easily found in every corner of this world. It is the spirit of create something and make it really good, instead of creating many different functions but none of them is as classic as Lego 3001 (I am talking about website design and almost all business).


  1. When Yifan is a bigger boy you might want to start a FIRST Lego team. Really neat concept.

    PS There seems to be an Asian Association.

  2. if you love lego. You must love this.

    A TV presenter in UK built a house (A real life size house!) out of lego as a part of a TV programme.

    Unforunately, it has been demolished since them. :(

  3. I wonder if a Lego series depitcting some modern an ancient Chinese constructions, buildings and monuments could have some success in the local market.

  4. Being a 3001 brick collector, I can’t agree more:)

    See here for part of my collection:



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