Pedestrian in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a city full of innovation in public transportation.

Look at what they did to traditional pedestrian in Hangzhou!

They put an arrow on the right side of the pedestrian to indicate the side for people to walk.

What do you think?

Other innovation includes

  • LED display board to show how far the next bus is from the bus stop.
  • Dynamic car lanes that changes according to traffic
  • Real time traffic camera on cable TV
  • A big camp at every interaction on the bike lane so people can rest in the shade of the umbrella at the Sun, or when it is raining.

12 thoughts on “Pedestrian in Hangzhou

  1. So, this is the notorious zebra crossing in Hangzhou, on which lives are claimed one after another. (Link to the most infamous 70km/h story:

    At first sight of your photos, without reading your explanation, I thought this is an innovation to create some visual illusion, so that drivers would think there is a hump on the road and pedal the brake when they approach these zebra crossings.

  2. hmm … it looks kinda strange actually that it’s only there for 3 of the stripes. Especially from the 2nd picture, it just looks like somebody screwed up, didn’t line up the lines correctly or something, when they painted it. It might look better if they did the same for the entire crosswalk instead of just 3

  3. my experience tell me, not many drivers will stop for the pedestrian to cross the zebra crossing. Whatever innovative idea will be meaningless if the drivers doesn’t have courtesy and stop for the pedestrian.

  4. These innovations are certainly a step towards safety and convience for pedestrians and public transportation riders. We have high rates of pedestrians killed or injured by cars in my city so I think it’s great that Hangzhou authority is doing the right thing for public safety.

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