Day 1 of YLF 2009

Day 1 of YLF 2009. Just finished the morning sessions, and the afternoon will happen in Gulang Yu (the tomorrow’s afternoon session will be in Nan Putuo Temple). The morning session was wonderful – the success and failures. My notes about the topic is, it is all about dimension, and the diversity of the standard, and acceptance for the failure. Will write about it later when we are back from the afternoon and night session.

Let me post some photo of the noon view of the nice hotel room.

7 thoughts on “Day 1 of YLF 2009

  1. Wow! It’s beautiful! I’ve never been to Xiamen, and wish to go there in the future.

  2. What’s the name of this hotel? It looks great. I didn’t reserve a hotel on Gulang Yu last time I visit Xiamen, and it seems I made a big mistake.

  3. Retiring to a 5-star oceanfront resort, cavorting and patting each other’s back.

    What can one expect from this annual meet of sino american cooperative organization?

    PROBABLY a “Chimerica Manifesto” in public,

    BUTT a roadmap to a life of celebutante and socialite in private.

  4. 健硕,

    你的那些自拍视频找到你满意的地方放了吗 ?





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