Shanghai View from Shangri-la

Shangri-la hotel has a nice view. From its 29th floor, you see the whole Puxi area. Let me share some of the photos I took (using my newly bought Sony CX500E). Please note that there is a green glass between the camera and the outside.

Below: the newly built white building on the right hand gives Shanghai the feeling of Hong Kong – there are similar style building in Hong Kong.

Shanghri-la loves twin-towers. This is the image of the other tower from the newly built tower.

The water level of the Huangpu river is higher than most times. Look at this picture:

There are ferries on the river. Worth to give it a try the next time you are here.

9 thoughts on “Shanghai View from Shangri-la

  1. Fantastic views. Very movie like.

    I think we are going to see more movies use modern Chinese cities as backstages

  2. Nice photos. But I can’t help to recommend another gorgeous hotel in Shanghai – “Hyatt on the Bund”. It locates adjacent to the turning point of the Huangpu river, and near to the Bund on the west bank. Stayed in it for only one day last year, but IMHO, this hotel is although not the most famous one, but should be counted as the best hotel in Shanghai, surpassing its sister hotel “Grand Hyatt” in the 88-story Jinmao Tower, and the one in the newly built tallest “bottle opener”. However its room rate is the lowest among the three.

    Take a look:

    Hints, if you want to have a try:

    1. This hotel has two buildings like a pair of wings of butterfly. East wing faces the Bund, while west wing faces Pudong. Book a room in west wing! Not only because I think landscape of Pudong is better, but also the room design is a bit different. Bathrooms in west wing are separated from bedrooms with removable boards. So you can integrate both parts of the room and get a spacious feeling.

    2. Request a high floor room to ensure you get the nice view. My room was on the 29th.

    3. The “Vue Bar” on the top is a must-go place.

  3. Very nice pictures. I stayed in Shangri-la once in 99 or 2000. The pictures I took then are very different from what you have now! At that time Shangri-la was a tall hotel. Not anymore!

    Does the Huangpu level fluctuate with rainfall, or by something else? One time I was there, on the Pudong promenade, some of the sidewalk was flooded. But just a couple of days later the river was very low. Is it affected by tide?

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