Some Social News at Q4, 2009

Every 10th of the first month of the quarter is the date for me to wrap up the last quarter, and really start this quarter.

Today is a Saturday, and it is weird to just work for two days and there is a weekend tomorrow. Expecting to meet old friends tomorrow.

At bed room, we changed the direction of bed by 90 degree. Yifan was so naughty to fall from the bed to the ground – wasn’t hurt, and it is not a big deal, but we were scared again, and put the longer edge of the bed along with the wall.

Life has not recovered to pre-holiday yet. The 8 day holiday did simulate economy and domestic demand for almost everything, but the break (especially physiological break) needs some time to recover.

Oct 10 is the National Holiday of the Republic of China – I assume celebration will happen on the other side of the Strait. 98 years ago, it was the day of the founding of a republic – the first republic in China, and maybe currently, the closest to a republic.

The taxi fee in Shanghai rises again tomorrow. The start price will be adjusted from 11 RMB for the first 3 km to 12 RMB. Price per km rises from 2.10 RMB to 2.40 RMB. The monopoly of taxi companies had made the life of taxi drivers harder, and life of passengers harder.

From Oct 1, another ridiculous China Post law take effect. It forbids private carrier services to handle packages lighter than 100g. One week ago, you can safely ship important documents at 5 RMB, and it arrives at the door of recipient in 2 hours. Today, it costs 10 RMB to send the same package, but it arrives the next day (or later). The recipient has to take their national ID card to the post office to line up and take about 30 minutes to claim that package. For cross city package? One week ago, it cost 5 RMB for second day door to door delivery, and today, it cost 3 days, and recipients have to go to post office to claim it – I hate it. I will be very dissatisfied if any company send me something via China Post, since I sometimes have to take half day leave to claim it – post offices always close more promptly than anyone.

2 thoughts on “Some Social News at Q4, 2009

  1. The gov. is saying tou you that it is the time for you to get a secretary… just kidding.

    What is this about… I saw some postings here and there… is this the gov. effort to help China Post?

  2. well, another effort to censor/monitor people’s lives really. They tap your phone conversations, read your emails, and now they can even open your mail. What’s next? Is the government going to make people wear a microphone so they can monitor every word you say?

    Congratulations, China is becoming more and more like North Korea !

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