Get to Top of SWFC within 100 RMB

Here, I’d e to share a secret place with budget visitors. This is really the secret locals know.

Top of World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is now the highest building in Shanghai and China. Standing at 492 meters high, with 101 floors, it attracts huge number of visitors to the top observation deck.

It costs 150 RMB per person to get to the top of it. Expensive, but tourists are not as cost sensitive as in their normal lives. Look at the long lines to get to the top!

My Tip – 100 Century Avenue Bar

As most of the hotels, the Park Hyatt hotel in the building offers nice bar at the top of its building – at 91th floor, named 100 Century Avenue.

It is an expensive Sushi and BBQ restaurant with about 400 RMB minimum fee for normal tables, or 2000 USD minimum for a private room, but, the bar area also offers some nice drink at relatively cheap price.


My tip is, just go to that restaurant, and order some drink. The tea ranges from 45-55 RMB, and Baily is about 90 RMB. All the fees are subject to 15% service fee. You can expect to have some nice drink (their tea is not bad) within 60 RMB if you look at the low end of the menu, and if you are lucky, a window seat facing the Jinmao Tower, the Bund, and the magnificent view of Shanghai.

It is not cheap, but at a price of two cup of Starbucks, you enjoy much better time than the crowded top deck with a comfortable seat, and nice drink. It is just half of the price. I feel it is a better option.

The Bar

The Bar itself is not very interesting – the typical bar with shining ceiling, polite servants, and high wine shelf. The most unique thing about the bar is just its heights!

Your next meetup? Look into the sky!

PS. Bonus Tip

Another similar tip is, instead of visiting the observation deck on top of 88th floor of Jinmao Tower, you can visit the bar on 56th floor under the Great Well in Jinmao Tower

P.S. 2 Photos

Photos can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Get to Top of SWFC within 100 RMB

  1. many people do the same with the prudential tower in boston. instead of going to the observation deck, they go have drinks at the restaurant one floor below (Top of the Hub). The pricing doesn’t make as much sense here (observation deck is ~$10, and drinks are ~$10 each), but people like the bar/restaurant setting much more than the touristy observation deck.

  2. You can’t get to to top for 100rmb as the title of the post states. It’s 10 floors below the top.

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