Foot Starts to Recover

The ankle is recovering well. Now I can start to use the right food to walk a little bit in the room. When I am out, I still need to use crutches to go further.

Hopefully, after the 8 days of holiday, I will be able to go to office without crutches.

The life of being a temp handicapped person almost ends. I feel I have get used to this time, and feel a little bit unease to be completely independent. :-)

How amazing that people can adjust themselves to the environment!

4 thoughts on “Foot Starts to Recover

  1. Good news that you are getting around a bit better now, Jian Shuo. And I know what you mean about getting used to an infirmity. Three years later, I still look down at my feet when I am walking! I’m very anxious not to put them someplace where they will get hurt again — ever!!

  2. Please be very careful when you go out because your muscles haven’t been used and will be weak so it will be easy to twist and injure your foot again. But maybe you won’t have time for your thoughtful blogs, and I will miss that. We are going to see the movie “Capitalism, a love story” today just because of your post about enjoying life.

  3. @zjemi, thanks. I will take care. The additional 4 days in the national holiday will provide additional time for me to stay in bed for the foot to heal.

    @GN, and @Carroll, thanks!

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