Watching the Military Parade

9:30 Lay back in my sofa and waiting for the military parade to begin at 10:00.

9:35 CCTV is broadcasting the scene of many cities in China in real time – it takes a lot of resources to do it!

9:43: The 60 years of history is a big V shape, with the ending point much higher than the starting point. In the 60 year review, no one ever mentioned the “missing 20 years”. It seems China directly jumped from 1955 to 1977.

9:48 From the TV screen, Beijing has never been so empty and clear – From the bird view, the whole city looks like a model – with nothing moving. Where are the people? No people on the street, and no people near buildings. They all hide somewhere.

10:06 The Parade starts. At the very beginning, watching at Tian’an Men must be boring – with long time nothing happened – waiting for HU Jintao to come out of the Tian’an Men tower.

10:21 The weapons look nice.

10:28 President Hu is giving a speech now, before the army march.

10:37 The Parade march starts now.

11:20 The military parade part ends.

11:34 I got some idea about why the students have to be working hard for several months for this parade – the parade of people are actually huge square of more than 2000 per group doing exactly the SAME thing. That needs a little bit practice to keep everyone synced.

5 thoughts on “Watching the Military Parade

  1. The party leaders need a fashion consultant. Dark suites + white shirts + red color ties, for ALL, expect one… too much like uniforms for Hotel chains or waiters or 保安…

  2. We talked about that tonight when gathering together for celebration of Mid-autumn Festival, the reason why those studuents and other volunteers attended to the parade is that they may take it as for a kind of HONOUR, or being proud of such experience for attending in this kind of great event. It may be the first and only once in the lifelong time.

  3. @carrie, it is for sure an honor to attend – with about 1 billion people watching, and once in a life time. it is very understandable.

    But the interesting thing for the people’s parade is, most of the square is made up of students, no matter what labor they put it there – farmers were “represented” by students, and just as in Olympics, 56 different ethnicities were also “represented” by students whose majority is Han Chinese…

    In the current Chinese politics, everyone is represented, in a way without the people being represented unaware of.

  4. sigh… Maybe we should say it is also a kind of SHOW to the others in the world, as well as a great event in Chinese history. They have to (?) make it PERFECT and so-called GREAT so as not to be looked down upon by the others.

    Anyway, this is not what we expect to get it pretended to be so, kinda feeling of self cheating.

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