A Car Plate = 27200 RMB in Sept 2009

The car plate bidding this morning resulted in the lowest bidding price to be 27200 RMB for one car plate in Shanghai (news source)

I kept tracking the car plate since 2003. I wanted to buy a car plate at the very beginning, and then choose a Hangzhou plate. Now, Wendy and I started to think about a Shanghai plate. We planned to participate in the bidding this month, but just didn’t take action to pay the required 2000 RMB bidding deposit. Maybe the next month.

5 thoughts on “A Car Plate = 27200 RMB in Sept 2009

  1. I take it’s not a special plate. For a Shanghai car Rego, it’s much cheaper than what I heard which was about 50K. Government used to control the traffic on the road via having control of issuing Rego. A cost reduction on rego can bring something good to local residents while causing traffic dramma due to increasing cars on the road.

  2. It is just a quota to get a plate. No number is involved. After you get the quota, you can go to get a number. The number is random, and now they are very nice to avoid 4s in the plate in the programs already.

  3. Hi,

    did the price go down? In the taxi article you mentioned that the fee was 37k rmb, now it’s 27k. A big difference!

    How’s the apartment price, still up? i read that Shenzhen was down last year.

    thank you

  4. Yes. It did go down from the highest 40-50K to the current 27.2K. Who knows the trend of the next few months.

    The real estate market is still going up – 20-50% increase this year.

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