Stay at Home During Oct Holiday

It seems the travel plan is just a plan. The doctor told me to keep the foot out of the ground for another two months. That means, I cannot use this foot to walk for three months. There is a Chinese saying that “any injure to the bone needs 100 days to cure”. That seems, unfortunately, true.

So, I am thinking about other things to do. The most possible thing to do during the holiday is to stay on bed, and really take care of the foot. The doctor also criticized me harshly about stilling going to work during the past month. He said what I need to do most is to stay on bed, and keep the foot higher. The X-Ray of the injured place does not look good either – the leak on the bone is still clearly seen.


That is life, isn’t it?

Tomorrow is Saturday again. Another day to stay on bed?

Flickr Travel

The other day to travel is to use Flickr or Google Earth, and Street View to travel to other part of the world. Look at the beautiful scene of Dubai!

The following images comes from Flickr. Credit is printed on the photos.

2 thoughts on “Stay at Home During Oct Holiday

  1. I’m sorry your foot is not healing faster, Jian Shuo. When I broke my ankle three years ago, they told me that if I followed doctors’ orders I might be able to avoid surgery. I stopped going to work and was off the foot for a full three months, but because of that it healed by itself. The orthopedic specialists all seemed quite surprised (and complimentary) that “a woman of my age” could heal so successfully and not need to have pins put in to hold it in place. It’s no fun just lying around with your foot up in the air, but I promise it will pay off for you in the long run if you can do that. Maybe it’s time to install an executive lounge chair in your office? Either that, or you can hold some necessary meetings in your bedroom :-)

  2. Thanks Carroll. It was not as a small problem as I thought, but I am still OK, especially when I take better care of my foot. Yes. Some bed time does a lot of good for me. I slept on the bed for one day, and the pain on the legs faded out. I will take care. Thanks a lot.

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