Yifan, Dad and Mom

These are the photos Yifan and I took one week ago:

Below: Yifan loves to be with his dad – laughs all the time:

Photograph by: Wendy Fan

Below: Yifan loves to watch Qiaohu (Clever Tiger) – a DVD program produced in Shanghai. As always, he has his red car with him – all the time:

Yifan is genereally a happy boy and loves to laugh at many things, including dad waving at him, or simply see his dad jumps from one sofa to another.

There is one person I feel Yifan loves more – his mom. His mom spent so much time with him, and he now is like another mom – he speaks in a way like his mom – like “Yeee…..?” whenever he sees something strange – just like his mom Wendy.

Below: Yifan’s poor dad – the cast on the right hand. I would be happy if you pay attention to the “father” on the toy brick board. I asked Yifan: How is this guy? Yifan said: Baba.

This is another “dad” I created for Yifan. As expected, Yifan laughed out loudly, and almost rolled on the ground:

At last, is the poor Yifan getting back from hospital that night.

He is as calm, cheerful as any previous days, but his parents were all in tears that night.

18 thoughts on “Yifan, Dad and Mom

  1. He is so big now, not a baby anymore! Tall and handsome. BTW, I know how it feels when your own child gets hurt…

  2. Oh, my goodness! His face has changed so much. I think I can already see what he will look like when he is a teenager! A child who is that cheerful and happy is clearly a child who has been surrounded by love his entire life. Such a wonderful family :-)

  3. :) 好久没看到小逸凡的照片啦,:)

    还是这么可爱,不过,长高了,长大了,好像要长成一个小男孩啦 :)


    笑容明亮,神气,真的好可爱,呵呵 :)

    真的很可爱 :)

  4. :) Hi, Jian Shuo,

    If I take this happy article to my blog, would it be convinent?

    It will be highly appreciated :)

  5. You guys look like are having a great “quality time” together. Indeed, the joy young kids can bring to parents is without boundry. You mentioned a few days ago that you were feeling really down and wanted to have a change in life, and wondering if a family trip would cheer you up. Well, I think a good trip is always something worth looking forward to. Plus you can temporarily get away from the rut of daily routine. Have you decided on where to go to yet? With a little tyke with Yifen, you may want to think twice if he can withstand the long flight as well as the time zone change going to Cairo. When I go on vacation, I often like going to places that are not swampt with a lot of people. Anyway, whereever you decide to go, have great fun!

  6. Wow! So happy! Although the son and his daddy are both injured. Then how long will it take for the recovery of Yifan’s head? and what about your leg? When will the doctor take off your plaster bandage?

  7. What a lovely boy ,it make me think my little girl ,who were 2year old ,hehe …

    She also like to watch QiaoHu Clever Tiger as your boy ….The childer are always same

    with each other …

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