I Need Some Change

I am not happy these days. Something terrible happens in life, one after another.

I broke my ankle first, and one month later, Yifan’s head is hurt. (well, I am very cheerful when my ankle broke – a very good experience for me, but I was mad when Yifan got hurt)

My mood falls down to lowest point in the recent years.

When things that is completely out of your control happens, people are more likely to be religious. Should I turn to a temple or church to find out some cure? Hmm… Wendy has already suggested me not to think that way.

To change the mood a little bit, we bought a new TV today. I will buy a good video camera (Sony HDRCX500E) this week. Then we are planning a travel this holiday.

I Need to Travel

The 8 day long national holiday is coming (Oct 1 to Oct 8), and we are thinking of getting out of Shanghai during the holiday and relax – to change the mood. We didn’t have this plan before. It is too late for a trip to Japan, or Europe – the two dream destination. Then we are now looking at another dream destination: Cairo.

Budget was always a big concern for us to choose where to go, but when we are in bad mood, we are not that sensitive to cost. Wendy and I just need to go to somewhere (better if it is far away), and spend some days.

We will decide whether we go or not tomorrow.

(Yes. I am still very sad these days, when I see Yifan – He is as cheerful as always, and he clearly shows his love and happiness to be with me)


This afternoon, when Yifan fells asleep, Wendy and I called our friends for a gather at Little Garden (220 Taikang Road), and dinner at Casa 13 (1100 Huashan Road). That helps. Sometimes you just need to talk and explore what others are thinking about. At least, good friends can act as a sounding board to help yourself to see your own situation better. Lesson learnt: When needed, pick up the phone and call your friends. That is always a very good choice. Thanks Eddie, Helen, Charles, Eric and Apple for your accompany.

P.S. Going bed now. Yifan is going bed, and he is calling me to tell stories for him.

16 thoughts on “I Need Some Change

  1. In our family we think there are always reasons to be happy and reasons to be sad, so it is really the weather that determines our moods. And right now, when the heat of the summer is mostly gone, we call it Change of Season. The weather may be beautiful (I don’t know what it is today in Shanghai), but the days are getting shorter and winter is coming and we always feel that something is not right or that we’ve lost something around this time of year. So one reason for being sad (in our family, but it may be everyone feels this a little) is just this Change of Season feeling.

    Yes, travel. We are planning our trip to Shanghai from Massachusetts in November.

  2. Cheer up Jian Shuo! I hope you enjoy your travels. Be reminded of Henry Miller’s words: one’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. I for one am looking forward to my trip to Shanghai and Taipei (from London) this winter.

  3. Hello, maybe Cairo will not be good for the little one….lots of dry walking but good for you – much ancient beauty.

    Maybe go to relax on a beach or into the mountains and feel refreshed and pamper yourself a little. Too much travel is not so good now.

    You need to do ankle exercises after you heal.

    Good luck…and as we say in the USA, ‘chin up’ you all are young and will heal well and have many good times.

  4. Why not to try Maldives?

    I spent several days there 2 years ago, and almost got addiction to that place. Wish I could have the time & budget to visit it again, and again, and again.

  5. :) 小逸凡真可爱,真希望他赶快好起来,一定会的。:)

    :) 我觉得河北石家庄赵县的柏林禅寺非常不错,我和三百个同学一起参加了今年的夏令营,




  6. :) 小逸凡真可爱,真希望他赶快好起来,一定会的。:)

    :) 我觉得河北石家庄赵县的柏林禅寺非常不错,我和三百个同学一起参加了今年的夏令营,




  7. :) 小逸凡真可爱,真希望他赶快好起来,一定会的。:)

    :) 我觉得河北石家庄赵县的柏林禅寺非常不错,我和三百个同学一起参加了今年的夏令营,



  8. So have u made your decision? Going to Cairo? In any case, have a good time! I will probably visit Souzhou this Saturday, and go back home or Beijing during the Nationl Day holiday.

  9. Adam, I read the article. You are right – a very insightful and deep article. The interesting thing is, I just feel it is describing Shanghai – everything – the dictatorship, the scared people when they are interviewed, the environment problems, and the fast economy….

  10. Jianshuo,

    Vacation or not, I wish you and your family have a happy & relaxing holiday, and everything should be fine (get well soon for you and your son Yifan).

    Enjoyed your blog and waiting for more :-)

  11. I empathize with your low mood. I also often buy things or go shopping for electronics in an effort to make myself feel better, but I find that the excitement of a new toy or purchase quickly wears off. I am not saying that religion or a personal relationship with God will make your life perfect, but I agree with Wendy that it is important to consider the role that faith plays in our lives. For me, my faith as a Christian gives me a different perspective than I once had and I think it helps me to weather the storms of life.

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