Ten Characteristics of Great Companies

Feld posted an article about Ten Characteristics of Great Companies. Nice article. Among the ten, if you ask me to pick three, here it is:

3) Great companies make lots of money but leave even more money on the table for their users and partners.

4) Great companies don’t look elsewhere for ideas. They develop their ideas internally and are copied by others.

6) Great companies are led by entrepreneurs who own a meaningful piece of the business. As such, they make decisions based on long term business needs and objectives not short term goals.

There are some hard lessons on this to run great company.

3 thoughts on “Ten Characteristics of Great Companies

  1. Jianshuo, I’m reading an astounding “novel”, disclosing a wardrobe-skeleton story of a great company.

    (Link: http://www.tieku.org/211186/1.html)

    The author didn’t quote the real name of the company, but everybody can see it’s Microsoft. And the author claimed that it’s just a fiction, but it seems he just made this disclaimer to avoid legal troubles.

    You had been in Microsoft for years. I do want to know your thoughts on this novel. How many percents of its contents do you think is true?

    Microsoft is definitely one of the greatest companies in the world, having earned plenty of respect. I wish everything in that story is bullshit. But I can hardly imagine how this guy could make up everything without any foundation. And what is his motivation then?

  2. I liked hearing these ideas in China! and the best it would be that chinese people starts to make them their own, so China could become not only the world’s factory but produce its own goods with brands of quality that change the standards.

    That is the way china could take advantage and keep the production not only now or price based i thik but in long term and so provide best life (yue lai yue hao) for its citizens!

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