Talked with Friend about Money

Spent the morning, noon, and part of the afternoon with Wendy and my good friend. We talked a lot in a corner of Starbucks, and then moved to a quiet restaurant at Zhongshan Park area. Here are some of the points mentioned.

About Wealth. He is in the stage that wealth is not a problem. People don’t need to have too much money to sustain a good life. 1 million RMB per year maybe the top range for any moderate successful people to spend – excluding people who put an equal sign between money spent and their value to this world. I would tend to agree.

On practice in stock market and real estate market. He treated everything as a mathematic model. Money is just a side effect. On the market, everything he does is to practice self-discipline – it needs a lot of courage and discipline to say no to many attractive, but not disciplined opportunities. By saying no many times, the self-discipline gets better and better.

Many other good stuff. Nice time. As Bob mentioned in his twitter, it is not time together, it is “qualified time” together.

PS. It is a good principle to always consult someone with experience. Everyone’s life and experience are limited. Talking is a way to connect your brain with others’ and to get experience they had. To build a network of great people to consult is great wealth.

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