Yifan’s Drawing of Fish

This is the picture Yifan drew in the last few weeks. He enjoys to draw big circles like below:

Drawing of Yifan at age of 2

Drawing of Yifan

Drawing of Yifan

Like it?

4 thoughts on “Yifan’s Drawing of Fish

  1. Yifan is endlessly adorable, how could God send such a cute angel to you! By the way, will there be a meetup this year in Shanghai ? If there is one, could you bring Yifan there ?

  2. I love how it has become possible to save each and every one of these works of art on the internet so we can enjoy them across continents and oceans. And someday you will be able to look back on all these entries, with Yifan at your side to marvel for himself at how much his talents have grown.

    Precious moments, and priceless memories :-)

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