B for Parking Garage

Yifan surrounded me the whole morning. He got curious about my laptop, and tried to reach out to touch the keys. He particularly love the key of B. He presses B hundreds of times, and keeps saying: “Parking Garage! Parking Garage”.

I thought it is just another random word popping out of his mouth. 10 minutes later, he explained it very serious me: “On the Elevator! On the Elevator!”

Then I realized he did realize the character B, since the parking garage is marked as B in my elevator.

The logic of kids are different from adults, and most of the time, they are right.

6 thoughts on “B for Parking Garage

  1. Lucky contemporary baby. He’s already had access to elevator, car and laptop.

    I remember the only toy I had, when I was 3 years old, living in countryside, was just a hen. She laid an egg every other day for the family. I made fun of chasing and throwing pebbles at her. Poor hen. Sorry.

    And we had another interesting thing in our small yard – a well. Nowadays many children don’t even know what a well looks like. I often liked to hide inside it, with my hands grasping the stone edge, waiting for my grandma to seek for me. Yes, it was dangerous. But that is childhood, during which everybody does stupid things. Two years ago, I returned to that village. They already have tap water. But the well is still there. (The hen is gone of course.) It was a bit tear-jerking seeing that well.

    What’s your childhood like? Still remember your favorite toy?

  2. @Adam: Wow your childhood was interesting! When I was born, there were no more villages in Singapore, just apartments. I know how a well looks like, but I never got the chance to have a chicken as a toy. :|

    @Jian Shuo Wang: Your son is really smart! I don’t think I would even notice the B if I were his age. :( By the way, I am heading to Shanghai for my internship programme end of this month, and I will be having a really low budget. Is it possible to survive in Shanghai for 6 months with 500RMB of monthly pay + 10,000RMB savings? :(

  3. Yeeshian, hopefully your accommodation is provided. You might survive if you buy your veg from wet market and cook of your meal.

    What kind of company is that paying so low? Even local intern will get higher allowance than what you mentioned.

    All the best

  4. @yeeshian, do they provide additional accommodation? If so, 500 RMB + saving is possible, but it is the lowest possible amount I can think of – that is only 20 RMB per day – that only covers food. As DC pointed out, it is OK if you cook yourself.

  5. Hiahia~~~~Yifan is so clever and I think he has a gift of observation. Good boy!

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