Welcome to China, If Temperature is OK

Are you traveling to China from other countries, be prepared for the temperature check, in the background of H1N1 Type A Flu.

Don’t worry though. Let me describe the process so you have a preview of what to expect.

  1. On plane, you will be required to fill in a form of self-health-claim form. Everyone needs to do it, and claim whether you feel fever, cough or other flue symptom.
  2. After landing at Pudong International Airport, all passengers will be required to remain seated. Medical staff will get on board, and use a laser detector to check the temperature of every passenger. This seems very time consuming, but it is actually very fast. It is just the speed of flight attendants delivering drinks – several minutes are fine.
  3. If the temperature of anyone looks not normal, they will do a double check by inserting a temperature meter into the mouth to get more accurate temperature. Don’t worry. It is just for once use, and it is fine.
  4. After all the people of the airline is cleared, you can leave the plan, but you need to queue to give the form to the inspector. There is always this check in normal times, but during the special time like H1N1 Flu times, they check the form very carefully to make sure you fill in everything. This takes much more time than the temp check on the plane.

After all the process is over, the H1N1 check is ready, and you can proceed to custom, and luggage claim area.

Below: check started from the front rows.

This is how they do the check.

Check completed:

Below is the line to wait to submit the form – interestingly, just submitting the form takes the most time – no check of temperature happens here, unless you specify that you have fever in the form.

Welcome to China, if your temperature is OK.

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