My United Airlines was Cancelled

Too quick to say bye bye to America. I am now still sitting at a bigger table, and a nicer room at Best Western El Rancho Inn & Suite near the San Francisco Airport (so near that I see flight landing just out of window!).

My flight UA857 from San Francisco to Shanghai was cancelled today. It is scheduled to leave tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM, and arrive in Shanghai at 12:30 PM, Saturday.

I would Prefer Bad Service than Delay

… and I would prefer delay than cancellation.

After sitting on my seat 61H on the flight for three hours, slept, waked up, fell asleep, waked up for many times, and replied many emails on mobile phone, I was told that flight was finally cancelled due to the plane engine gas leaking that could not be fixed within several hours.

Then we moved to counter 2 and waited their standing for two and half hours to get 15 USD dinner voucher, and free night at Best Western Hotel. Hmmm… It seems there is no additional financial cost to my trip so far, but my whole day of July 9, 2009 is spent at the SFO airport.

Sensation of Time

I was so bored that I drew a picture of the Spanish style hotel.

Some times, people were forced to do something that they won’t do in normal time, like drawing. If there were no such a flight delay, who knows what I will use the time for? At least not in a very interesting way. Sometimes the contrain gives people more focus (nothing to do!), and more focus makes life better.

7 thoughts on “My United Airlines was Cancelled

  1. United has obviously been a total disappointment for you on this trip. Sorry to hear about the delay! Safe travels and I’m sure Yifan and Wendy will be so excited to have you back. Travel may be life intensified, but homecoming is a wonderful feeling!

  2. I remember many years ago I took SFO to PVG (UA), the plane was reported showing fire during take off. Eventually the plane circled above the sea for an hour or so (to get rid of fuel) and flew back to SFO. I guess that experience is more adventurous than yours.

    Good luck Jianshuo, thanks for sharing your trip and thoughts. Just remember don’t “bad mouth” UA :-)


  4. do you have travel insurance? they normally entertain flight delays/cancellation claims!

  5. Stephen,

    Too late for ORD PVG flight. They leave at 10:45 AM CST.

    LAX does not have direct UA flight to PVG. China Eastern has a flight leaves at 1:30 PM PST, could easily be filled with people from SFO.


    It’s all because you love SV so much :-)

  6. I really love the collection of drawings you have been making during your travels, Jian Shuo! Very sorry you had to stay over, though. Safe flight to you today — Wendy and Yifan will be extra happy to see you tomorrow :-)

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