Back from Nanjing


Back from the trip to Nanjing – a government meeting on media regulations. It is maybe the only government meeting I attend every year. The meeting is in Nanjing International Convention Center, in the same mountain area with Zhong Shan Ling. I like that area a lot – the place we should definitely visit more often.

Nanjing Blogger

Most of the photos I saw about Nanjing came from She started blog 5 months before I did (her first blog), and from the first one, I saw a long-long-long-long-time-no-see name: Tiger Cafe. Yes. In the old happy days in 2002, not so many bloggers in this world. Tiger cafe has stopped update in 2004. Christina, me, Isaac, and Robert are still writing our blogs. BTW, Christina and I was not as aggressive as the other two. Their blogs have been blocked by GFW many times – an acknowledgment of the depth of “harmful information” by the government.

Shizilin Street

We had lunch at Shizilin Street – the pedestrian street with many restaurant.

Nanjing is just a normal crowded city like most cities I visited. I am very sure it is my own fault, not the city’s fault, since Christina always have nice photos of the city from her camera: the decent, the beautiful, the sensitive all captured. Example 1, example 2

This is the fifth (if not the sixth) visit for me to Nanjing. I like Hangzhou just because the life there is so nice, but I enjoy Nanjing more because of the history – it is the capital of Republic of China anyway.

Moving back to Puxi

Still working on moving back to Puxi – see if it is possible at all. Seems a big step for me today. Let’s see.


  1. There is an old saying “A bunk in Puxi is preferred over a house in Pudong”.

    I have an apartment at Metro Cosmopolitan, but the situation there is rapidly deteriorating………. it is too crowded!

  2. Greeting in our startings!

  3. Take care! I have apartment too… and?

  4. Take care! I have apartment too… and?

  5. I also blog about Nanjing. And at present, I am blogging about Beijing, after my return from there 2 weeks ago.Please drop by.

  6. 呵呵,我的母校地。

    :) 建硕,又借用了你的元宵节拍的 烟火 图片,我觉得非常非常美,沉默的美:-D

    《听着你的歌长大 致家驹》


  7. Live as though you intend to live forever, and work as though your strength were limitless.

  8. 来南京也不通知一声,真不够意思~

  9. TIGER CAFE就是现在的中国茶,呵呵~


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