Happy 2 Year Birthday to Yifan

This entry was made up on June 7th, and dated back to June 2.

These are some photos of Yifan at his 2 year old birthday.

His mom tried to bake a birthday cake for him, but failed in the afternoon. Well. The cake tastes great, just strong in shape. Yifan didn’t seem to mind the shape, as long as it tasted good.

How Yifan Talks

Yifan was very quick to understand most things, but slower to talk. Now, he mastered many of the necessary words in daily conversation. The first English word he mastered two months ago was “Car”, since the pronunciation is much easier than the Chinese word “Che”. Well. We didn’t intentionally teach him English, and he just found out the easiest way to pronounce things. Like most of the word he mastered – he picked the easiest word to pronounce out of the whole words.

For example,

Like – Xi Huan – he don’t like to pronounce Xi, and just use Huan.

Happy – Gao Xing – he only say Xing

Cake – Dan Gao – and he says it as Gao…

To translate it into English, it is just like he don’t like to pronounce Happy, and only say: “Pay” to tell the same thing.

Yifan is so lovely! Why all the father on this planet thinks his own son is the best in this world?

3 thoughts on “Happy 2 Year Birthday to Yifan

  1. as i know, when children start speaking, they usually repeat the last words they heart from others.

    Happy birthday to Yifan.

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