Friendship Binding vs Interest Binding

For a company, whether it should be bound by friendship (“I really love to work with these guys”), or should it be bound by interest (“I maximize my value in this company in any other company in the world”)? This is a key question in my mind recently.

The easy and simple answer is, sure, you need both, but if you have to decide, what comes first? When there is a conflict, which comes first?

5 thoughts on “Friendship Binding vs Interest Binding

  1. There won’t be any conflict if everything goes on well. Conflicts only come along if things don’t goes well. And fingers starts to point at each others.

  2. I prefer interest binding, if I have to decide, because passion is the base to do a good job. And people who share the same aim easily make friends, too.

  3. I prefer friendship binding . friendship can make you feel comfortable and enjoy working together,it will give you honey working environment, as time going on ,it will strength your interest as well.

  4. I prefer having both friendship and interest binding balanced, and that will… Well. Y’know, a great working environment. :)

  5. Interest for sure. If people are objective and share a passion/interest for a certain subject, then people can work good together. You don’t need to become friends to do your work good as a team. If people just like to work together, but are not interested in something; you get unproductive teams that just chat all the time.

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