Two Nice Photos from Xiaoliang

Xiaoliang just got back from his Europe trip. I found two nice photos of his recent blog, and want to share with my readers.

Shanghai Changjiang (Yangtze) River Bridge

Recently, Shanghai went crazy to build really big bridges, like Donghai Bridge, and Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

This one is also very amitious – to connect Chong Ming Island to Shanghai via a bridge. Here is the almost completed bridge from airplane:


Photograph by Xiaoliang

H1N1 Flu Inspection

With the H1N1 Flu situation gets worse and worse, thorough check has been carried on. People need to wait for people wearing suites like that to inspect for temperature. Not many people complain, I guess, if they experienced SARS.


Photograph by Xiaoliang

My other friends just returning from Netherlands received the same treatment.

P.S. BTW, do you feel that the page of this blog loads much faster than before? If so, you are welcome to read more pages than before.


  1. wow, the second picture is really crazy…

  2. O mind, I think I have to go thorugh this too on my trip to Beijing next month.

    and yes, your site is much faster now. How did u do it ? Does it works on blogspot especially photo blogs ?

  3. On Xiaoliang’s blog which you mentioned, the 1st photo have a dog’s reflection looking out through the aeroplane’s window. How is that possible ?

  4. Hehe. That is exactly what is in my mind when I see the picture. I will ask Xiaoliang for it.

  5. @kbguy and Jianshuo I think the dog is just part of the theme that Xiaoliang chose for his msn space, for my msn space, there is a sunflower on the webpage.

  6. Great shot of the bridge xiaoliang!

    Great skills with a little luck considering weather, plane direction, and set number! The second picture is crazy. I hope the H1 situation simmers down before I go back to The US in 5 months.

  7. @Michelle, it is confirmed that you are right. it is just an interesting mixture of its background and the image.

  8. as a chinese, i’m really feeling proud of my country. and i find that unity is strength for our shanghainese to keep the city from the Swine flu.

    thanx for your share.

  9. Nice bridge! I’m proud of it.

  10. WOW!! Really great photo with the bridge, impressing.

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