Enjoy the Beauty of Life

I live far away from office, and it costs me one hour to get to where I work. That is one of the key painful things I have in my life. Wendy and I tried many different solutions from waking up earlier, to looking for an apartment to rent in nearby places, and other ways.

Finally, we give up the idea of buying or renting an apartment near where I work. We decided to really think about what we have today, and appreciate what we have, instead of pursuing what we don’t have. I loved to discuss about the meaning of happiness, but from time to time, we just lost in our own puzzled life, and forget it.

P.S. Update about A H1N1 Flu

This Sunday, Wendy, Yifan, and I went to IKEA. It is the first time I saw people wearing masks in the store. Swine flu has already hit Shanghai with one pass-by passenger confirmed to be affected in Hong Kong. It reminds me of the SARS period of 2003. So far, Shanghai is fine. We are not the epi-center anyway this time.

7 thoughts on “Enjoy the Beauty of Life

  1. Happiness is in your mind. If you think you are happy, you’ll be. But you really stay too far from your work place and you need to do something about it. Or else, you’ll be traveling at least 2 hours in a day years after years. Its better you use it with your child. Quality time, and better time management and let it be productive too. That’s my 2 cents worth of sharing.

  2. Enjoy our life ,enjoy everyday !

    Happiness depends on our thinking way & mind as well as the heart .

    Wish every-reader have a good day ,full of happiness and health ! Especially under the H1N1 Flu environment today.

  3. Jianshuo, I love your “appreciate what we have, instead of pursuing what we don’t have”.

    engagement rings, good points of six beautiful things in life.

  4. I think happiness is one’s feeling. We need to balance our feeling sometimes, so the happiness becomes so unstable. It can be change with the different time, different place. .Just find what make you happy, comfortable, and repeat them..:) when the ball became a big one, then you will be more happy than before.

  5. Jianshuo, I found you are almost philosophical on this one.

    I am in total opposite postion with you: I started work from home about 6 months ago. Lately I found “working from home” also have a lot downsides such as:

    1) Harder to ask questions (all my colleagues are in other cities);

    2) I tends to blur the work time and rest time, in other words I don’t work as hard in work time (because I feel I have time in evening to make up), which is bad overall because I feel my work time if longer;

    Maybe we should switch postions :-)

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