Yifan can Count from 1 to 9

Just now, Yifan finished his daily practice of language. Now, at 1 year and 10.5 months, he can pronounce number from 1 to 9 – pretty clear – in Chinese, of cause.

We count how many ducks on his quilt with me. Bingo. My little boy can count to 9.

– Note from a happy father.

4 thoughts on “Yifan can Count from 1 to 9

  1. It’s certainly no surprise if the son of Wang Jian Shuo turns out to be good with numbers :-)

  2. Hi Jian Shuo ,

    I know you and your wife can speak good English.

    and I am just wondering , how about your cute son?

    Do you talk to him in English some times ?

  3. Well. He is not good at numbers. He just started to pronounce. Now, Yifan enters a stage to be noisy and speak a language from Mars.

    We never speak English to him. Don’t have any intention to do that in the future, even in far future.

  4. that’s the so-called “quiet beauty”, which is my dream, little jealous about u :)

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